What is Impotence and why should you take Eroxel?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), is a persistent or recurrent problem with erection that prevents you from achieving or maintaining a satisfactory level of sexual function.


Potency problems can occur at any age, depending on the health of the man. The likelihood of developing erectile problems increases with age and the presence or absence of certain diseases.

A 2005 Austrian study with 2869 participants found that the following symptoms are present:

  • Every 5th person with erectile dysfunction experiences it between the 30th-40th years of their lives.
  • Between the 41.-50. years of life, each 4.
  • Between the 51st to 60th years of life, each 3.
  • Every 2. man is born at the 61. years of age
  • Some form of erectile dysfunction (mild to moderately severe).


Sexuality, while seemingly simple and natural, is complex and susceptible to disruption. To trigger a normal sexual response, many physical factors must be present. This sensitive balance can be disturbed by medications, operations, and diseases. Social and psychological stress can also affect sexuality. There really can be many causes of impotence, which is why Eroxel was designed with potent natural ingredients. Eroxel will help you regain your sex life almost instantly: Eroxel Original

Causes of Death

A healthy brain, healthy nerve pathways, blood vessels, balanced hormones and a healthy genital system are essential for an uninterrupted erection. Erectile dysfunction can occur when any of these structures is damaged by injury, maldevelopment, inflammation, tumors or scarring.

Medication that can cause Erection Problems

It is important to do everything possible to correct sexually-related problems, or at the very least, to make them more positive. We are fortunate to have many excellent medications at our disposal.

Side effects of medications can have a negative impact on sexuality. It is important to talk to your doctor if you notice a change in your sexual behavior after you take a medication. Discuss your options to have a normal sexual experience. The use of medication that affects the brain, hormone balance, blood circulation, and the nervous system can cause sexual dysfunction.

Psychosocial Causes

Don’t be surprised if your doctor says that you don’t “have anything organically” or that you have a psychological problem. Translated, it means that doctors have not identified any physical causes of erectile dysfunction or other explanations.

There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction. (Stress, anxiety, introspection and private stress …). It is easy to see how physical symptoms can result from these irritations. This specialty is neurobiology.

Brain Control Center

The brain’s composition is affected by the contents of our memories and experiences. These feelings can be a sense of security, well-being, and sensuality in certain situations. In others, they may cause tension, fear and discomfort. This can have a positive or negative effect on sexuality depending on which emotion is activated (tension or relaxation).

The psyche attempts to avoid negative emotions by any means, but can only rely on the solutions patterns that we have learned over the course of our lives. We often fail to deal with current problems by using the old solutions patterns. Our bodies obey neurobiological laws.

Tension/fear/irritations cause other neurotransmitters to be released than during joy and relaxation. If we don’t support our feelings and needs in daily relationships, or if we bend constantly, the body will do what it thinks is best for us in that situation. If erectile dysfunction is present, the penis goes on strike and there is no erection. That is why it is very important to improve your diet, exercise and consume Eroxel with your daily diet. If you make these changes in your life you will notice a big difference, you will feel powerful again: Eroxel Buy