What is Impotence and why should you take Eroxel?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), is a persistent or recurrent problem with erection that prevents you from achieving or maintaining a satisfactory level of sexual function.


Potency problems can occur at any age, depending on the health of the man. The likelihood of developing erectile problems increases with age and the presence or absence of certain diseases.

A 2005 Austrian study with 2869 participants found that the following symptoms are present:

  • Every 5th person with erectile dysfunction experiences it between the 30th-40th years of their lives.
  • Between the 41.-50. years of life, each 4.
  • Between the 51st to 60th years of life, each 3.
  • Every 2. man is born at the 61. years of age
  • Some form of erectile dysfunction (mild to moderately severe).


Sexuality, while seemingly simple and natural, is complex and susceptible to disruption. To trigger a normal sexual response, many physical factors must be present. This sensitive balance can be disturbed by medications, operations, and diseases. Social and psychological stress can also affect sexuality. There really can be many causes of impotence, which is why Eroxel was designed with potent natural ingredients. Eroxel will help you regain your sex life almost instantly: Eroxel Original

Causes of Death

A healthy brain, healthy nerve pathways, blood vessels, balanced hormones and a healthy genital system are essential for an uninterrupted erection. Erectile dysfunction can occur when any of these structures is damaged by injury, maldevelopment, inflammation, tumors or scarring.

Medication that can cause Erection Problems

It is important to do everything possible to correct sexually-related problems, or at the very least, to make them more positive. We are fortunate to have many excellent medications at our disposal.

Side effects of medications can have a negative impact on sexuality. It is important to talk to your doctor if you notice a change in your sexual behavior after you take a medication. Discuss your options to have a normal sexual experience. The use of medication that affects the brain, hormone balance, blood circulation, and the nervous system can cause sexual dysfunction.

Psychosocial Causes

Don’t be surprised if your doctor says that you don’t “have anything organically” or that you have a psychological problem. Translated, it means that doctors have not identified any physical causes of erectile dysfunction or other explanations.

There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction. (Stress, anxiety, introspection and private stress …). It is easy to see how physical symptoms can result from these irritations. This specialty is neurobiology.

Brain Control Center

The brain’s composition is affected by the contents of our memories and experiences. These feelings can be a sense of security, well-being, and sensuality in certain situations. In others, they may cause tension, fear and discomfort. This can have a positive or negative effect on sexuality depending on which emotion is activated (tension or relaxation).

The psyche attempts to avoid negative emotions by any means, but can only rely on the solutions patterns that we have learned over the course of our lives. We often fail to deal with current problems by using the old solutions patterns. Our bodies obey neurobiological laws.

Tension/fear/irritations cause other neurotransmitters to be released than during joy and relaxation. If we don’t support our feelings and needs in daily relationships, or if we bend constantly, the body will do what it thinks is best for us in that situation. If erectile dysfunction is present, the penis goes on strike and there is no erection. That is why it is very important to improve your diet, exercise and consume Eroxel with your daily diet. If you make these changes in your life you will notice a big difference, you will feel powerful again: Eroxel Buy


Why is Eroxel so important for Erectile Dysfunction?

A functioning erection is essential for a normal sex life. There are many reasons why weaknesses may occur. Erectile dysfunction is when your penis doesn’t become erect or is not strong enough to allow you to have sex. Experts call this erectile dysfunction. About 34 percent of men between the ages of 66 and 75 are affected by erection difficulties. Erection problems can also affect younger men. The following guide will help you understand why it happens, how to fix it, and what you can do about the problem.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Before we can address the individual symptoms, it is important to understand what causes erectile dysfunction.

There are two ways to define it:

  • You erection happens, but it decreases quickly, so no sex can occur.
  • Your erection is not complete or occurs at all.

This is especially problematic because the libido doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction. You may still feel the urge to have sex but your penis doesn’t become sufficiently erect. This is an increasingly common problem even in young men. But thanks to Eroxel you can fight this problem without fear of side effects. Many men have already tried Eroxel and are very satisfied with the results: Eroxel Reviews

It’s not just an issue for the Elderly

Many young men believe that inability to erection only affects older guys. These statistics show that 40 percent of German survey respondents would prefer a more difficult erection in sex. Statistics show that older men are more likely to be affected, especially if they have physical reasons. Because of the increasing age, problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease all increase. One study showed that 40% of newly diagnosed men are under 40.

Young men are more likely to be affected by psychological issues, and this is especially true for young men. This is a dangerous trend as experimentation with medication or abstaining sex due to fear of the doctor could lead to depression, side effects, and other serious consequences. If you’re young and ineffective, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. There is a high chance that you will be helped by a doctor. In the event of erectile dysfunction, your first point of contact should be with your urologist.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction symptoms can be summarized quickly. Your penis isn’t stiff enough to allow you to have sex. You want to have sex and you feel the urge to do so. However, your partner’s erection strength is not sufficient to make it work.

Other symptoms can occur if there are underlying medical conditions. These symptoms are not due to erectile dysfunction but rather to the actual underlying condition.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many causes of ED. There are both psychological and physical causes. About 70% of the affected have a physical cause. The study found that sexual dysfunction is often caused by diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Erectile Dysfunction is often caused by Diabetes

A number of studies have shown that over half of diabetic men suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is because the excess sugar molecules in the body when there are high sugar levels are deposited within the blood vessels.

This causes blood to stop flowing freely into the penis, preventing erection. This consequence can be delayed or prevented by lowering blood sugar levels and timely treatment for diabetes.

The influence of Hormone balance on Erectile Function

Our lives are often influenced more by hormones than we realize. One of the most important factors in erectile function is testosterone. A testosterone deficiency can affect your erection function in a significant way. A loss of libido is common as testosterone is responsible for sexual desire. But you can avoid this problem if you consume Eroxel with your daily diet. You will notice the powerful effect that Eroxel has, thanks to its effective ingredients: Eroxel Test


Sex problem. Disappointed black unsatisfied woman lying in bed, sad man looking under blanket, top view

What about Potencialex to treat your Erectile Dysfunction?

Stress, relationship conflicts or illness – when desire disappears, it can have physical or psychological reasons, in any case loss of libido puts quite a bit of pressure on you. However, both sexes can find a way out of the crisis.

Until her husband decides to stop having sex with her, Katharina* actually leads a happy marriage. This is followed by long discussions, arguments, despair. Katharina is confused, hurt, convinced that it must be her fault. It takes two years until her husband gets drunk one night and it bursts out of him: His penis just won’t get hard anymore. just won’t get hard anymore. They spend the next few months seeing doctors. They test his testosterone levels, have his prostate examined, his blood sugar, his cholesterol.

And find nothing. “I slowly don’t know what to do anymore,” Katharina writes in a forum. They try Viagra, which only makes her husband nauseous.
The other drugs don’t help either, except for side effects. She is desperate, her husband too. What to do?

Physical causes such as diabetes and high blood pressure affect erectile function more slowly. Therefore, a decrease in erectile function over a longer period of time is to be expected. over a longer period of time.

In many cases, it is not possible to distinguish between a psychological and a physical cause. Nevertheless, it is advisable to discuss the subject in a confidential confidential discussion with a doctor.

Potencialex has already helped many partners to regain their intimate life without having to go through a separation: Potencialex Original.

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Depression
  • Hyperlipidemia (elevated blood lipids)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Coronary artery disease (disease of the coronary arteries)
  • Spinal cord injury

Erectile dysfunction in men has increased

Biochemically, our libido is a complicated process not yet deciphered by research. When it suddenly becomes unstable, the causes are often not easy to find. easy to find. Let’s talk about men first: according to a study by the University of Cologne, around five million of them have erectile dysfunction.

As further studies suggest, have increased since the turn of the century – while in 2000 only one in 43 men had at least sporadic problems, by 2017 they were occurring in one of every two men.

On the one hand, this drastic increase may be due to increased porn consumption, which often has a desensitizing effect. On the other hand, during the same period there has also been an increase in so-called diseases – obesity, diabetes and heart disease, which are linked to poor nutrition, high alcohol consumption and lack of exercise, among other things – have also increased over the same period and possibly “bring the penis to its knees”.

As we experience more and more pressure and accumulated stress the number of men suffering from this problem has also increased but Potencialex has such potent natural ingredients that it attacks the problem at its origin: Potencialex Buy.


If the symptoms persist for a longer period of time and are not only of a sporadic nature, men should consult a urologist. The good news is that in most cases erectile dysfunction is easily treatable. Depending on the diagnosis, various therapies are possible: medication with Viagra or PGE-5 inhibitors, which dilate the blood vessels, as well as direct injections or tablets that are inserted into the urethra and relax the muscles so that enough blood can flow through. If you don’t want to resort to medication right away can also try pelvic floor training. For mild erectile dysfunction, a simple penis ring can also help. Whatever the man decides, he should always talk to his doctor first.

Implement Potencialex in your daily diet and you will feel the positive effects instantly!



What does the Manufacturer say about Eroxel?

For any major problem, consult a doctor to ensure the best treatment. You might need to be prescribed many stimulants for sexual function, so it is important that you visit your doctor. Erectile dysfunction may be due to many causes. Erectile dysfunction may even lead to a stroke or heart attack in the worst cases. This should not be taken lightly.

It could also be a sign of a nutrient shortage or a poor lifestyle. A serious illness may not always cause impotence. The doctor will be able to determine the exact method to treat the problem, and not just the symptoms.

Sex Pills?

Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are the most frequently prescribed sexual enhancers. These three substances are all part of the PDE-5 inhibitors group. They cause stimulation to have the desired effect by dilation of the vessels in the penis. Although they don’t “automatically” induce erections, they have a stronger stimulation effect. They differ in how long it takes for the active substances to reach efficiency and in their adverse effects. They all have one thing in common: the effects are short-lived and do not provide a cure. It is not advised to use the drug for long-term. Rather, the use of natural food supplements, such as Eroxel, is recommended, which has a much truer, deeper and long-term effect.

Who should use Eroxel?

Eroxel is a natural l-arginine formula, designed to lengthen the penis and increase libido. According to the manufacturer, a lack in sexual pleasure can be a couple-breaker; so they created Eroxel for men who want to reach their full potential in the bedroom and have an extended, thicker penis.

Eroxel can be used by men who want to improve their sex lives. The 95% success rate is remarkable. It is designed to increase penis size and provide greater pleasure for both partners. It works 100% in this sense.

Eroxel is a great choice for men who have poor erection and want to experience a stronger, more lasting erection. Experts attest Eroxel is safe for their health and effective for male bodies.

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What is the treatment?

The treatment results in a thicker and longer penis and it helps the man to regain control over his premature ejaculation. Due to an increase in sexual energy, and greater sexual desire, he can have multiple sexual relationships. It should increase the number of cells in the penis that are filled. This will result in its growth.

Eroxel’s ingredients are L-arginine, ginseng, maca, zinc, ginkgo, selenium,… among others! Eroxel’s natural ingredients provide men with beneficial sexual effects.

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Official data states that Eroxel is meant to stimulate sexual limb growth and libido. According to the manufacturer, the capsules provide male potency and make sex more enjoyable. The capsules are said to increase testosterone production, and provide multiple erotic sensations.

According to the manufacturer, the products have many effects:

  • it stimulates blood flow to the penis and revitalises the body in order to have successful sex.
  • it prolongs your erection by up to 50 minutes and help strengthen it.
  • it makes you able to ejaculate multiple times in one night while strengthening your libido
  • it increases absorption into the corpus venosum, and it can also enlarge the penis.

You can read the Eroxel leaflet to learn more about the product, its uses, and how it works.

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Why is Eroxel the Best Supplement to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability for a man or woman to have a satisfactory erection.

What is it? Definition

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability for a man or woman to have a satisfactory erection. sexual activity. This can be caused by many factors, including psychological or organic. It is common to experience occasional erectile dysfunction at any age. It can occur at any age. It is considered a problem if sexual intercourse is impossible for at least 75% for six months. Impotence is an increasingly common problem even in young men. Now Eroxel brings a definitive solution to this big problem. Thanks to its potent ingredients its effectiveness is guaranteed: Eroxel Original

What causes this? Possible Causes

It is a complicated process. Sensitivity stimuli stimulate brain centers that transmit stimulation signals to the spinal cord. There, nerve impulses are sent from there to the penis. A series of messenger substances is released from nerve endings. These messengers cause smooth muscles in the corpus cavernosum’s blood vessels to slacken. Blood flows in when the muscles slacken.

The bulging corpus cavernosum compresses the veins, stopping blood from flowing back. The penis “swells”, and becomes stiff. The blood flow stops once the sexual excitement has ended. Once the neurotransmitter has been broken down, the blood flow stops and dilates again.

Problems occur when: 

  • The stimulation is not sent to the penis or erectile centre.
  • The erectile tissue can’t expand because it is too elastic.
  • Venous leakage is a condition where the blood flow is too slow or too weak.

A circulatory disorder in the penile vessels can be almost always attributed to organically-caused erectile dysfunction. This is caused by high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, smoking, and alcohol.

Nerve damage, including from injuries, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, hormonal disorders, obesity, and nerve damage can all affect the ability to erection. Negative effects can also be caused by medications (e.g. antihypertensives and tranquilizers, diuretics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, or diuretics). Psychological causes include stress, relationship conflict or trauma.

What makes it so Obvious? – The Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction can cause a lack of sufficient stiffness in the penis. It may not last and make sexual intercourse impossible. Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed after six months, when sexual intercourse was impossible in at least 75% of attempts. A slow decline in erectile function is an indication of an organic cause. Sexual intercourse and masturbation. Psychological causes can often lead to rapid “nonfunctioning”, which can be highly dependent on the situation.

Is there anything else that could be causing it? – Similar Symptoms in disease Patterns

A desire disorder (libido deficit) is a condition that causes a decreased sex drive. This can also cause insufficient or no erection. This can also be caused by mental or organic factors.

Behavioral Tips

  • Partnerships should be open and honest with their doctors. This will allow them to determine the best treatment options and make a diagnosis.
  • Avoid using medications from questionable sources.
  • Relaxation and stress reduction can be achieved by using techniques like yoga or autogenic training.
  • Targeted pelvic floor training combined with proper breathing techniques or other measures can lead to good results.
  • Vacuum pumps and penile rings are mechanical aids that prevent blood from backflowing.

Many men have already seen how effective Eroxel is. Thanks to Eroxel they have recovered their sexual life and have avoided many problems with their partner. Implement Eroxel in your daily diet and you will notice a big difference: Eroxel Reviews


Is Erectile Dysfunction a Warning Signal? It’s time to take Eroxel

People want a relaxed sex life, and spontaneity in sex. This does not always work. Sexuality is a combination of age, mental health, partner, and physical health. Erectile dysfunction in men can be a sign of serious illness. Impotence should be treated. Erectile dysfunction can also be improved if the underlying condition is treated regularly. Erectile dysfunction can also be improved.

There are many options for intervention in orthodox medicine today, but naturopathy also has many options. Sexual enhancers do not cure mental disorders. Special treatment is needed for the soul! A healthy lifestyle is the best medicine. Be active and educated, add Eroxel to your daily diet and you will notice notice noticeable changes in your sex life: Eroxel Original

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment of the underlying condition is the most important step in treating erectile dysfunction. There are two types of erectile dysfunction: psychological triggers (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or arteriosclerosis) and physical ailments (such a high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other conditions). Sometimes, the drug itself can cause erectile dysfunction. This is especially true if multiple drugs are being taken at the same time. Talk to your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about this. He/she might be able switch you to another preparation. You must also ensure a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathy and good nutrition are therefore so important. Phytotherapy also has “love potion” that can be used to help you. One should never try to do everything by itself. Trusting conversations with your partner or therapist can often relieve the pressure.

Ginseng is a great Way to make tired warriors feel Energetic

Clinical trials have also shown that red ginseng is effective. It can be used as a tonic in the Asian natural pharmacy. It is not known why it has an effect on your potency. The theories range from an increase of testosterone to more effective relaxation in the erectile tissues muscles. Side effects of this herbal plant are very rare (headaches, insomnia and digestive problems). Experts demand more data after the preliminary results were encouraging.

Maca, the Powerful tuber of the Andes

Maca (Lepidium myyenii) is a Peruvian plant that is closely related to cress. The maca tubers can only be eaten if they are dried well. Native people have long known about the stimulating effects of maca root on fertility and sexual function. Research has yet to clarify the mechanism of maca root’s effects. It is possible that the medicinal plant stimulates sexuality.

Potency-problem Men were able to benefit

Post-menopausal females also had success. Maca did increase the potency of athletic men (cyclists). They had used the preparation to improve athletic performance. Because of this, Eroxel is the best supplement to fight Impotence. It contains Maca and Ginseng, potent ingredients especially for men suffering from Impotence: Eroxel Buy


Why is Eroxel so effective for Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a sexual disorder that affects the ability of a male member to stiffen. This problem is becoming increasingly common in many men, regardless of their age. Because Eroxel was designed with potent natural ingredients, this ensures its effectiveness: Eroxel Original


Erectile dysfunction, by definition, is a failure to erect in more than 70% of attempted erections over a period of at least six months. It was impossible to achieve. Men aged 40-50 years or older are affected by the clinical picture. The unique architecture of the male body is what determines erectile function. It involves the interaction of blood vessels and hormones with muscles. This is a necessary change in the penis shape for coitus. The blood flow is increased, and the corpora canvernosa penis outflow is slowed by the compression of the venous vessels. The penile shaft contains paired, cavernous cavities called corpora cavernosa. They can cause stiffening in the male member because of their filling ability.

Parasympathetic erigentes nerves (splanchnici pelvici), which induce an initial increase in blood circulation, cause small tortuous vessels to open (called arteriae Helincinae) and increase blood flow into cavernous bodies. The ischiocavernosus muscles can also pump blood into the corpora Cavernosa through rhythmic contractions of the profunda Penis artery, which is a major penis artery.

Maximum cavernous body filling means that both arterial inflows and venous outputs are passively compressed. Blood that has been flowing into the bodies is now stagnated and the penis remains stiff. The increased venous output from the corpora canvernosa results in flaccidity or detumescence of the male member after ejaculation, when sexual arousal has subsided. All components involved in the disturbed erection process may be affected by the disruption. Erectile dysfunction can occur occasionally, or for a short time. However, it can also cause permanent loss of erectile function.


Here are some possible causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Heart disease, including arteriosclerosis, heart disease (CHD), and high blood pressure (arterial Hypertension), are all cardiovascular conditions.
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • In the corpora Cavernosa, impaired blood flow or reduced congestive capacity
  • Per se, mechanical injuries to the corpora Cavernosa
  • Alteration in the connective tissue architecture as a result permanent erection (priapism).
  • Lesion of nerve tracts that are functionally essential for erection (n. erigentes)
  • Nervous injury in the area around the spinal cord
  • Do not consume any drugs (e.g., antiepileptic drugs, or antidepressants).
  • Psychological stress conditions, stress, burnout syndrome.
  • Low testosterone (male sexhormone)
  • Use of stimulants or drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, coffee and drugs


Your doctor may prescribe sildenafil, Vardenafil, or tadalafil to support your erectile function. These are the “PDE-5 inhibitors”, which are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibits. Also known as “Viagra”, ‘Levitra”, and “Cialis”, they can also be used medicinally. It has a success rate of about 80%. A penis pump, which creates a vacuum and increases blood flow to the erectile tissues, can be used in more severe cases.

Psychological support is also important. Affected men are often affected by a dysfunctional self-perception as well as a male role conception. These processes may not be consciously occurring or being understood, so sex therapy can be beneficial with the partner. Minor interventions can repair certain vascular lesions or afferent vessels in the corpora cavernosa.


These tips will help you maintain your erectile function, even as you age, in order to have a happy and healthy sex life. A healthy, prudent lifestyle is key to all of this. Get active in your daily life and get regular exercise. It keeps your circulation healthy, prevents obesity and helps you maintain a fit and healthy body.

A varied diet is important, with plenty of vitamins and fiber. Avoid high-sugar and fatty foods. Stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Lose any extra weight. Ensure that you have stress-free moments of relaxation throughout your day.

Keep your relationship vibrant. If there are problems in your relationship, you should try to identify the problem and work with your partner. This will allow you to continue your development as a couple and improve your relationship. Your doctor will offer you a routine check-up as a preventive measure. But you can add Eroxel to your diet and you will notice very positive and effective benefits in your sex life: Eroxel Reviews