Why is Eroxel so effective for Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a sexual disorder that affects the ability of a male member to stiffen. This problem is becoming increasingly common in many men, regardless of their age. Because Eroxel was designed with potent natural ingredients, this ensures its effectiveness: Eroxel Original


Erectile dysfunction, by definition, is a failure to erect in more than 70% of attempted erections over a period of at least six months. It was impossible to achieve. Men aged 40-50 years or older are affected by the clinical picture. The unique architecture of the male body is what determines erectile function. It involves the interaction of blood vessels and hormones with muscles. This is a necessary change in the penis shape for coitus. The blood flow is increased, and the corpora canvernosa penis outflow is slowed by the compression of the venous vessels. The penile shaft contains paired, cavernous cavities called corpora cavernosa. They can cause stiffening in the male member because of their filling ability.

Parasympathetic erigentes nerves (splanchnici pelvici), which induce an initial increase in blood circulation, cause small tortuous vessels to open (called arteriae Helincinae) and increase blood flow into cavernous bodies. The ischiocavernosus muscles can also pump blood into the corpora Cavernosa through rhythmic contractions of the profunda Penis artery, which is a major penis artery.

Maximum cavernous body filling means that both arterial inflows and venous outputs are passively compressed. Blood that has been flowing into the bodies is now stagnated and the penis remains stiff. The increased venous output from the corpora canvernosa results in flaccidity or detumescence of the male member after ejaculation, when sexual arousal has subsided. All components involved in the disturbed erection process may be affected by the disruption. Erectile dysfunction can occur occasionally, or for a short time. However, it can also cause permanent loss of erectile function.


Here are some possible causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Heart disease, including arteriosclerosis, heart disease (CHD), and high blood pressure (arterial Hypertension), are all cardiovascular conditions.
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • In the corpora Cavernosa, impaired blood flow or reduced congestive capacity
  • Per se, mechanical injuries to the corpora Cavernosa
  • Alteration in the connective tissue architecture as a result permanent erection (priapism).
  • Lesion of nerve tracts that are functionally essential for erection (n. erigentes)
  • Nervous injury in the area around the spinal cord
  • Do not consume any drugs (e.g., antiepileptic drugs, or antidepressants).
  • Psychological stress conditions, stress, burnout syndrome.
  • Low testosterone (male sexhormone)
  • Use of stimulants or drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, coffee and drugs


Your doctor may prescribe sildenafil, Vardenafil, or tadalafil to support your erectile function. These are the “PDE-5 inhibitors”, which are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibits. Also known as “Viagra”, ‘Levitra”, and “Cialis”, they can also be used medicinally. It has a success rate of about 80%. A penis pump, which creates a vacuum and increases blood flow to the erectile tissues, can be used in more severe cases.

Psychological support is also important. Affected men are often affected by a dysfunctional self-perception as well as a male role conception. These processes may not be consciously occurring or being understood, so sex therapy can be beneficial with the partner. Minor interventions can repair certain vascular lesions or afferent vessels in the corpora cavernosa.


These tips will help you maintain your erectile function, even as you age, in order to have a happy and healthy sex life. A healthy, prudent lifestyle is key to all of this. Get active in your daily life and get regular exercise. It keeps your circulation healthy, prevents obesity and helps you maintain a fit and healthy body.

A varied diet is important, with plenty of vitamins and fiber. Avoid high-sugar and fatty foods. Stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Lose any extra weight. Ensure that you have stress-free moments of relaxation throughout your day.

Keep your relationship vibrant. If there are problems in your relationship, you should try to identify the problem and work with your partner. This will allow you to continue your development as a couple and improve your relationship. Your doctor will offer you a routine check-up as a preventive measure. But you can add Eroxel to your diet and you will notice very positive and effective benefits in your sex life: Eroxel Reviews